Monday, August 8, 2011

Addicted to Writing

If I ever had to take a test to determine whether or not I’m addicted to writing it would go something like this:

Do you take a notepad with you everywhere you go specifically for writing down ideas? Of course.

Do you sleep with said notepad next to your bed at night? Naturally.

Do you take notes in the dark so you don’t wake your spouse, even though you can barely read your handwriting the next day? Whoa. How did you know that?

Is the nicest, most well kept room in your house your Writing Cave? Obviously.

Do you loose sleep at night because your brain won’t stop thinking of awesome ideas? All the time.

Do you spend money on books and writing supplies instead of food? Sometimes.

Do you forget to pay your bills on time because you’re too busy planning a literary coup? Maybe.

Do you occasionally forgo personal hygiene in order to conserve precious writing time? Let’s not go there.

Do you forgo nights out with friends in lieu of a nice quiet evening at home with your laptop? None of your business.

Do you pretend to listen to your spouse when you’re actually fixing a plot line in your head? Listen, this is really getting out of hand.

I would fail the test, but I’m okay with that. Being a writing addict is fun.

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