Tuesday, August 9, 2011

When Everyone Wants the Same Job

I’ve applied for the same job at a local publishing company at least six times in the last few years. Everyone wants to work for this company. That’s no exaggeration, friends. Everyone wants to work there. They have a superfun laid back atmosphere and they let you wear jeans to work. (Gasp.)

In the past, I’ve managed to land one interview and I’ve received two rejection letters encouraging me to reapply in the future. Lately, they’ve had a slew of openings and when a new one is posted I send in my resume in hopes that it won’t go to the bottom of the slush pile. I usually change my resume up each time, hoping that something will catch their eyes this go around. And if it doesn’t, I’ll keep sending in my resume until I get the job or they put a restraining order on me. You see, I know I’d be awesome at the job so I’m just reminding them that I’m still here, ready and waiting to do my part in helping their company succeed.

Occasionally, a tiny voice inside my head tries be a Debbie Downer and tell me that their H.R. department probably thinks I’m a crazy stalker (this could quite possibly be true) and when they see my name they automatically shred my resume, but I ignore the voice because I have a legitimate strategy. I want to show them that I’m dedicated and I go after the things that I want and I don’t let rejection or failure stop me from doing my best. I just figure out what’s keeping me from succeeding and I revise, revise, revise.

So what happens if I never get a call back? Simple, I’ll get a job somewhere else and be just as happy. At least I know I’ve put forth my best effort and I’ve gained a ton of knowledge from the experience.

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